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LoShark L1

LoShark L1

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LoRa Band
MicroSD Storage

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Next-gen USB LoRa debug tool. Beautiful WebUI provided for the ease of use. Runs mainline Linux on itself. Versatile JavaScript ES2015 interface allows access to every SX126x chip register easily. Extensible MicroSD storage allows long-time data collection. Works with any modern PC.

Hackaday page:

GitHub repo:

Video demo:



Technical support is provided on our GitHub and Discord server.

Technical Specs

  • Main SoC: Ingenic X1501, 8MiB DRAM, 2200+ CoreMark, 333+ MWIPS
  • LoRa module: HJSIP HJ-68LR SX1262/SX1268 with TCXO
  • Storage: Extensible MicroSD slot
  • PSRAM: Lyontek LY68L6400SLIT
  • RTC: EPSON RX8900CE or compatible
  • RF connector: SMA-F (hole in center)


  • The estimated time from ordered to shipped for this product is 30 days. This time may reduce in the future.
  • Shipping fee is per order and is from $10 to $16 depending on where you are.

Important Notes

  • This product is intended for people with considerable technical expertise. We do NOT accept refund requests with the reason of "I don't know how to use it".
  • This product emits radio frequency (RF). Please use it according to your local regulations. We are not responsible for any RF regulation violations.
  • This product comes with MicroSD card pre-installed only when a MicroSD card option is chosen. A MicroSD card is required to use this device. You'll need to flash the firmware by yourself when using your own MicroSD card.
  • The product images may not be an exact reflect of the product you received. Using different components with the same or similar functionality is the standard practice of electronics manufacturing. We are free to use different components unless they are clearly specified in the product description or the purchase options.