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RetroWave OPL3 Express

RetroWave OPL3 Express

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Hardware OPL3 sound card with blazing fast USB interface. It's the successor of the original RetroWave OPL3.

Read about what happened to the original RetroWave OPL3.

You can find video demos in our YouTube channel.

Current version: v2.0. Past versions: v1.0

All orders after 2024-02 will have ENIG finished PCBs.


Easy to use

  • "Plug and Play" USB CDC-ACM interface
  • No driver installation required on modern operating systems:
    • Linux 4.4+
    • FreeBSD 12+
    • NetBSD 9+
    • OpenBSD 6+
    • MacOS Big Sur or newer
    • Windows 10/11
  • Same physical size of RPi A

Rich software support

Unique advantages

  • High-performance MCU with 12Mbps USB interface ensures correct playback of very high bandwidth songs (example)

  • Data transmission indicator LED

Audiophile oriented

  • Noise filtering on power rail
  • Audio grade capacitors
  • Changeable OpAmps (+5V single supply only)
  • Gold plated audio jack
  • ALPS ALPINE potentiometer

Important Notes

About the product

  • This product is intended for people with considerable technical expertise. No support is provided here in the shop. Community support is provided on our GitHub and Discord. We do NOT accept refund requests with the reason of "I don't know how to use it".
  • This product contains interchangeable components. It's the user's responsibility to ensure their modifications to this product does not violate its operating conditions. Incorrect installation of the components could cause irreparable damage to this product, and refunds are not eligible if that's the case.
  • The product images may not be an exact reflect of the product you received. Using different components with the same or similar functionality is the standard practice of electronics manufacturing. We are free to use different components unless they are clearly specified in the product description or the purchase options.
  • It is possible that the product your received will have appearance defects (e.g. scratches, PCB cut ruptures and remaining flux). Products with less than 5% of such defects in all surface areas are considered acceptable and we will NOT accept refund requests of this reason.

Recycled components

  • This product uses recycled electronic components.
  • The OPL3 chips are tested with the Sine Wave method and wiped with acetone on surface. However, the authenticity is not guaranteed.

Software compatibility

  • 100% software compatibility with the original RetroWave OPL3 is maintained.

3D Printable Case

You can find our official case design at